Samothraki project

With the Samothraki project I’m trying to capture the power and energy of Samothraki and what makes the island so special compared to any other place I’ve known. During the last fifteen years, I’ve been visiting Samothraki on many occasions and I have witnessed the continuous struggle between the authenticity of a small, rural island and its development as a tourist destination. Samothraki is in fact a place full of contradictions. The mountain with the sea at its feet. The forest and waterfalls on the north side, and the lunar landscape of the south. The hippie life set against the kitsch. And many more. These contradictions, the beauty of the place that keeps changing and the desire to freeze time and preserve the memories have been my motivation to start documenting what the island represents to me and the way I see it.   

Colour Street Photo 8
Colour Street Photo 7
Colour Street Photo 6
Colour Street Photo 6

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